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car finance

Your sentiments are valid. It's rather odd why Lincoln cars don't have the same backing as other brands when quite a lot of people would rather drive a Lincoln than anything else.

Second Hand Cars

Well BMW is the best brand for sedan as i own one and it is giving a good performance i would say lincoln sould sort out there problem as soon as possible or it will not be good for their brand

Name Withheld

Shh, Russ! It's not "Greg" it's "Name Withheld!" And thanks for the use of the three-letter acronyms! At least these I know because they are in common use. But I don't think too many people know that MKZ stands for Mark Zepher, whatever the hell that means. (Yes, I know the "Zepher" name has a rich history with Lincoln-Mercury, but what the hell is a Mark Zepher?)

MNS (Mark Name Withheld)

Name Withheld

Well, YOU know about the naming system, but someone forgot to inform the buying public!!! Gee, when I go into a showroom, I don't stop and think, "Oh, they WANTED to name it the Mark S but they changed their minds" -- all I know is I have to try and remember a three letter acronym that means nothing to me. Now if they want to mount an advertising campaign that explains their names, fine. And yes -- that would be a waste of money, and thus my point. Why not name them something more consumer-friendly so that there is no "learning curve" or so that I don't have to read the internal memos about what the vehicles should have been called.

Russ Tate

Hey Paul.

Thanks for the comment and the clarification. I wish I had the Ecoboost version... must be a blast. But I still think the name (Ecoboost) doesn't do it justice - especially in marketing and advertising. It needs something that reflects the PASSION you have for the car (and me). I think the right marketing of power, performance and sexiness of the MKS Ecoboost could help "boost" the entire brand - trickle down.

Paul Richards

There IS rhyme and reason to the naming system. The S is for sedan, the Z is for Zephyr, the X is for crossover and the T is for touring. Originally, they were going to have the MKS pronounced Mark S but then they changed their minds. But make no mistake, they DO stand for something as I pointed out above. I have no problem with the naming system nor do I have an issue with the MKS Ecoboost which I own by the way, and like the author of this article, I love it as well.

Russ Tate

OMG Greg! WTF. You're AOK... LOL.

Name Withheld

MKS, MKZ, MK...M&M's, E-I-E-I-O!! I love the Lincoln products, but I can never remember which one is which -- it's alphabet soup. So I call the crossover the Lincoln Edge, the smaller sedan the Lincoln Fusion and the big sedan, the big Lincoln. There is no rhyme or reason to the naming system. Shouldn't Z be better/bigger than "S"? At least BMWs with their numbers, you know the lower numbers are the smaller cars and the bigger the numbers, the bigger and more expensive the car. Lincoln's letter system is...confusing! A confused consumer is not a buying consumer.

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