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Great info, Russ. I never clip coupons or "shop" for deals, but i do like to get a good deal on the food I like.


Thanks for the comment! If Penney's 1st Q results are any indication, they may end up changing their tune - same store sales have dropped 18.9 percent. Store visits have fallen 10 percent, and the average spend is down 5 percent! Ouch. Then again, a transformation this big could pay off in the long run if they're willing to stick with it under fire. Time will tell.


Interesting Russ. I was wondering, if a married woman does not use coupons and her husband does, would that make her part of the 14% of non coupon users or would it make her husband part girly-man?

The other thing I notice in this retail world is that most people love to save money, even if it's only a dime. Maybe it's because of our current economic condition or maybe it's just a plain old American value. A lot of people might not like coupons but they're eager to participate in some kind of retail contests in order to get something for free. Like McDonald's coffee deals, collect a bunch of stickers to receive a $1.50 coffee. Why? Because it makes consumers feel good. And more importantly, it makes consumers feel good about the retailer, even if it's just a little bit, they win too.

Name Withheld

Interesting! I myself HATE coupons, but then, I'm not a woman...who the study was about. I wonder if JC Penny will be any more successful with this strategy than Sears was.

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