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We know that fresh ideas are the lifeblood of any business. 

We're an idea factory for retail businesses that need a boost. Ideas for innovation. Ideas to help you sell more stuff. Give us your toughest problem and we'll put some great minds on it. Whether you need new creative ideas for your brand (internal or external), or new strategies and tactics to help you communicate your value proposition to prospects and customers, we're available to brainstorm to help you sell more of what you have to offer! We'll collaborate with you to provide ideas and content that will help differentiate you from your competition and boost your bottom line.

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Decades of experience making cash registers ring! 

After more than twenty-five years selling tires (especially tires), golf equipment, blinds & wallpaper, rugs & flooring, pizza, hamburgers, Mongolian stir-fry, newspapers, gyms, telephones, banking, appliances, snack foods and just about everything else... we know retail! We know we can do what's right for you by creating compelling strategies and content to reach the right people in all the right places. From branding or rebranding (strategic communications blueprints, naming, identity, etc.), to integrated offline and online marketing and advertising solutions, we've done it all. And we will do it for you with ideas that will differentiate you from your competition. Actionable ideas that will improve your bottom line by connecting with customers and potential customers at every relevant touchpoint. Below is a sample of the many brands members of the Atomic Ideas team have helped sell more stuff.

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our top secret
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In all honesty, we don't actually have a top secret proprietary process.

Atomic Ideas only claims to do one thing, and we make every effort to do it really well on your behalf. We promise to help you sell more stuff, that's it. To make that happen, we''ll provide you with fresh, powerful ideas based on data and sound strategy – carefully crafted and well-executed to meet your business objectives and actually sell more of your stuff at every relevant touchpoint... online or off. 

We don't have a list of services or some mysterious method, because all of us "agencies" pretty much do the same thing, right? And with apologies to our competition, that's probably no mystery to you. So what makes us different? Simply put, it's our people and a consistent track record of success. We're research experts, analysis experts, creative experts, and kick your competition's ass experts. We dig into your company and your category, conduct research if necessary, and then we digest it all, brainstorm and come to you with exactly what we think you need to accomplish your goals (which generally always add up to selling more stuff).




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What you need, when you need it. 

We like pressure. We like deadlines. We like making the impossible possible. Any Atomic Ideas client, past or present, will tell you we go out of our way to respond to requests, make impossible deadlines, come in under budget and make your day. It's just what we do as a team to help you sell more stuff and make you a hero.

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A small sampling of the stuff we've created that helped sell more stuff for our clients, at Atomic Ideas and in past lives. 

Meet the Atomic Ideas senior team.

We are seasoned pros in the key disciplines required to help you sell more stuff. Our modus operandi is to pull in other seasoned experts when required tailored to your specific project. That way, we reduce our overhead and reduce your bill. You'll never get the "B Team." We don't have one. You'll only ever pay for just the exact brains and expertise you need. For more info., or to chat about how we can help you beat your competition, give us a call.



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