In all honesty, we don't actually have a top secret proprietary process.

Atomic Ideas only claims to do one thing, and we make every effort to do it really well on your behalf. We promise to provide you with fresh, powerful ideas based on data and sound strategy – carefully crafted and well-executed to meet your business objectives and actually sell more of your stuff at every relevant touchpoint... online or off. That's it. 

We don't have a list of services or some mysterious method, because all of us "agencies" pretty much do the same thing, right? And with apologies to our competition, that's probably no mystery to you. Like them, we dig into your company and your category, conduct research if necessary, and then we digest it all, brainstorm and come to you with exactly what we think you need to accomplish your goals. We're research experts, analysis experts, creative experts, and kick your competition's ass experts.